Create movie magic inside but outside!

The In Tent Cinema package includes the screen, projector, DVD player, soundbar -  All you need to supply is the movie!

The Cinema hire can be enjoyed only with tent hire. We have a DIY or full sleep out option available. 

DIY In Tent Cinema - $280

The DIY option includes the tent, 4 air mattresses (additional can be added for $4 each), the in tent cinema and delivery. This option does not include set up or bedding. 

Sleep Out + In Tent Cinema - $400

The Sleep out + In Tent Cinema includes the tent, 4 air mattresses and bedding, soft furnishings, rugs, lighting, bed side tables, bunting, set up and pack down. Additional sleepers can be added for $15 each. 

The movie is best in DVD format but can also play through laptop or USB 

  • 80" widescreen 16:9 ratio freestanding screen

  • Sound Bar

  • 3LCD, HD resolution, up to 3600 lumens projector

  • Remote controls

  • DVD player

  • HDMI cables 

  • laptop connectivity