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Broken Hill NSW.
Jess and Lewis's Wedding

Our First wedding Village: 6 Days, One truck, two cars, 6 people and our two little girls.

Monday: Sorting, picking and packing

At this point we had owned the business for just over 2 weeks and we had been sorting folding searching and finding through all the stock we had taken on. After more than 20 hours of sorting, folding, sourcing, and shopping for this event it was time to start packing with the help of Jo and Wayne. The order was for 24 tents with 59+ sleepers, just a small event to wet our feet. After almost 6 hours of packing and double checking everything, we were ready to get the truck.

Vintage Suitcase
Empty Truck

Tuesday: Truck day

We picked the truck up from the rental company gave it a quick clean, then we started stacking, sliding and packing. With Jo on count control in went the 11 double inner spring mattress, 3 single innerspring mattress and 17 (plus a few more just incase) air beds. Bedding for all the beds, quilts, pillow, cushions, throws, towels, and other luxury items. 24 assorted tables, 24 assorted chairs, and to many rugs to count. Last but not least the 25 tents with their pegs and poles. 3.5 hours later the truck was packed. We just needed to get home and pack for our-selves and to wait on two more very important people.

Wednesday: Travel day

Emma and Wilma had joined us the night before and early that morning respectfully. After packing the cars with our stuff we set out for the 515km (5.5 hour hour drive according to google) drive from Adelaide to Broken Hill, NSW. Stopping along the way to stretch, swap drivers and fill the tanks (Both the vehicles and our bellies) we stopped just two times once in Hallett and once in Yunta and a sneaky stop at the boarder just to take a picture. After more then 7 hours of traveling
we reached our accommodation and set in for dinner and some sleep, ready for an early morning.


Thursday: Set up

Leaving early morning we set of just after sunrise knowing that it was at least a 2 hour drive to the station. Not knowing what the road was like we hoped for an easy drive but due to the recent rains the east coast had received the roads were washed away and our easy journey soon became an exciting adventure. Going through cracked roads, ditches, meeting the bride to be on the way and a 17km long driveway we made it in just under 3.5 hours. After a quick chat to the groom and a change of plan we got to work creating our very first wedding village. Wayne and Andrew got cracking on the tents while Jessica Jo and Emma sorted out what tent needed what. Soon we had 6 tents and were on a really good roll. Meeting a few farm friends was inevitable with a sheep named Pepa and her baby, geese, turkeys, a donkey, and 8+ sausage dogs all wanted to be part of the action. Especially Pepa and her baby who found our fake plants a tasty treat. After 6 hours we had nearly completed 22 tents (thats over 680 pegs, 16 air beds inflated, 26 fitted sheets and taking our shoes on and off so that the red dust stayed out of the tents). The decision was made to come back the next day as we still had the 3 hour drive back to Broken Hill which was going to be in the dark.

Friday: Finishing touches

Another early start but at least the drive was better with family friends of the couple finishing grading the road the day before it was a much better/smoother trip.

This time we brought Wilma and our girls to see what we had accomplished so far and to see all our farm friends. Setting up the last two tents and adding the finishing touches like tent numbers, lights and making sure the beds were still blown up, 4 hours had come and gone and we were ready to wish the couple good luck with their wedding (3rd times a charm thanks to our friend Covid-19).


Saturday and Sunday: Time to explore

We spent the next two days on a well deserved break and wanted to see what Broken Hill and the surrounding area had to offer. With rocks, art and history galore it was worth taking the time to explore.

The main street had a lot of history boutique shops and and a pub that served up the brunch for our empty stomachs. after a short walk we ended up in Silver City mint/chocolate shop to see the world's longest canvas painting that will be in the Guinness world records at the end of this year. after that we went up to the Lone lobe miners memorial which gave us an inside into how hard the mines are on the workers and gave us great view broken hill.

A short drive down the road saw us at the Geology Museum where we saw some more local art and a heap of gems, minerals, rocks, and information how they got their names. later that day we set of down 9 mine road to the the Living Statues at sunset these beautiful sandstone statues are placed at the top of a hill where you can really take in view and contemplate the meaning of life (or just watch the beauty of the sunset).

Sunday saw us take advantage of the beautiful weather and head out to Silverton and into the Daydream Mine where we had a guided tour of the first mine of the area that opened up before Broken Hill was even a town. We went 100ft underground and experienced what it was like to work by candle light. On the way back to town we stopped into the Pro Heart art gallery where we enjoyed a few of his original works (even contemplated buying one).

Monday: Pick up

A small sleep in as check out was at 10am so we planned to get there just before. Seeing a few guest leave while we were traveling we knew we were ready to get busy. After checking the tents we split up with Emma on air mattress deflation duty. Jo on sorting and Jessica on stripping beds. Wayne and Andrew got started on dismantling the tents. After 4 hours we had made great progress with all tents down all bedding in bags and the mattresses on the truck, we sent Jo, Wayne and Emma on their way as they needed to get back to Adelaide that night. That left just us two to finish up (another 1.5 hours). We said goodbye to Jess and Lewis the happy newlyweds and we started the slow drive back to Broken Hill.


Tuesday: The way back

Setting of early we had finished packing our stuff and the few kgs of rocks we collected into the car and truck we were ready to head back to Adelaide. Leaving at 8:30am and arriving at 4:00pm exhausted we were ready to start unpacking, sorting, and repacking the 18+ loads of washing in the truck to take home. We finished up by 6pm ready for dinner and to start planning the next weekend.


We all had a great time in Broken Hill with its surroundings and wish Jess and Lewis all the best in their futures.


Till next time signing off

Andrew and Jessica.

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