Is the tent waterproof?

Yes, the tent is 100% waterproof and is made from cotton canvas.


How many hours is included in all day hire?

All day hire provides a maximum of 5 hours hire. The sleep out package is only available from 5pm. If you require hire earlier you will need to purchase the day and sleep out package. Tents will be collected at 10am the following day.


How do I book?

Visit the booking  page to use the online form or email us at for more information.



A non-refundable deposit of $100 is required to secure your booking with full payment required 14 days in advance. If you book with less than 14 days we will require full payment.


A refundable security deposit of $150 is required to cover any damage, breakages or extra cleaning that may be required.


What if I need to cancel?

You will loose your initial deposit of $100 if you cancel before 14 days of your event. If you cancel within 14 days you will loose the full amount of your invoice total.


How much space do I need to set the tent up?

The tents are a maximum of 5m in diameter and will require a total 7m to allow for the full set up.


Can I put any heating in my tent?



How many children can the tent accommodate?

Up to 16 for a party with tables or 20 without tables and 8 for a sleep out.


How many adults can the tent accommodate?

Up to 12 adults for a party and 6-8 adults for a sleep out.

Can I have my event set up in a public space?

Yes you can and we have done many events in public spaces. However, you will need to contact the council and apply for any necessary permits. There is also a $100 public park fee as we are limited in the number of events we can take on and includes the $40 weight option as peg aren't allowed in most public parks.

I don't have a large lawn, can you set up on a non grass area?

Yes we can. We have non tent peg options available and can set up on pavers, concrete or tennis courts . Theie is an additional $40 surcharge involved in the non peg option as there is a lot o extra labour required.



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