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Pink Clouds
Adelaide weather
Glamping in the wet

This weekend saw us dealing with our first batch of wet weather. Knowing what Adelaide is like we did some research on how to actually read the weather and we found out some interesting stuff. We spent a good 3.5 hours collectively looking at the weather apps (yes more then just one) over the week leading up to the weekend. So we thought had a good idea of what was happening. We thought we could get lucky. The apps kept pushing back the rain more and more to later in the day, then later into the next day, so we had set our hopes pretty high. 

We had 4 jobs this weekend spread out from the metropolitan area, to all the way to McLaren Flat and we had one pick up. keeping an eye on the weather we figured out that we would be lucky enough to set up in good weather and that our customers were set to have a good and dry night. Sunday came around and again we checked the weather (almost borderline obsessive at this stage), and the weather was changing again. The rain was getting closer and closer, so after contacting 2 of our customers we set out to start collecting asap. First one no problems, the second one the clouds started to get dark (real dark). Lucky enough the tent was an easy pick up and just as the last thing went into the car down came the heavens. It was a small blessing in disguise as even though we had washed the car two times, there was till red dust from our adventure in Broken Hill. 

Two jobs back and packed away we had one more to collect. Out to McLaren Flat we found ourselves in mud, sludge, knee high grass and in the RAIN. Packing up the tent when it is wet is not... ideal or light. However we got it back, unpacked, laid it out and with the heater on, in no time it was dry and packed away. Our forth tent was not so lucky, coming back to us dripping wet and what felt like a ton. Again we laid it out and with the heater on it was dry in no time. 

So Adelaide weather is still on our side... well sort of. Now we know a few new things about the weather and how to dry a tent.


Time to get ready for this weekend


Andrew and Jessica  

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